How to Become a TEDx Speaker

How to Become a TEDx Speaker

Think critically and do your research to become a TEDx speaker:

Develop Your Ideas
Become an Expert on your Topic
Use New, Innovate Ideas
Make Your Audience Care

Find Upcoming TEDx Events

Many TEDx events, including TEDxMNSU, determine their speaker lineup months in advance. These are often massive, coordinated events, so simply asking to become a TEDx speaker at the last minute will not work. Instead, research where local TEDx events are being held in your area. A great resource for determining where TEDx events are being held is You can also visit the TEDx Event Page to view a full listing of TEDx events near you and around the nation.

Research the Speaker Selection Process.

TEDxMNSU has a speaker selection process. Criteria for this event is intended to highlight only the best quality of speakers. For TEDxMNSU 2020, our call for TEDx speakers is currently open. Learn more about the proposal submission process and application process here:
Submission Process
Application Process

Submit Your Speaker Audition

The TEDxMNSU speaker process begins with the application form. This is your first introduction to the TEDx event. For TEDxMNSU, our form requires you to provide a 2-minute demo video and submit the actual application form.

Understand How TEDx Events Work

Before speaking at the TEDx event, consult the “TED Tips” below.

TED has set uniform guidelines for all speakers at TEDx events. The talks must be under 18 minutes long. Most speakers usually have around 12 minutes or less to speak at the event. If the TEDxMNSU event supports it, expect that your talk will be recorded and posted to the TEDx website after the event has concluded. If your talk runs longer than intended, be prepared for it to be edited to meet TED guidelines.

TED Tips

The following are tips for speakers as you prepare your TEDx Talk. These tips will help you craft a TEDxMNSU talk. Please keep them in mind while developing your proposal.

1. Know your audience

2. Keep it simple

3. Emphasize connection over content

4. Be authentic

5. Diversify your delivery

6. Shake it up

7. Stick to your points

8. Know the setup

9. Don’t lecture the whole time

10. Leave time for questions

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