This Year’s Speakers

This Year’s Speakers


Heather Von Bank: “The Importance of Risky Play”

Dan Sachau: “A Key to Happiness”

Amanda Halabi: “Spreading Education Globally”

Elliott Floyd: “Humanity and Nature in Our Digital Age”

Jason Kaufman: “Humanity and Nature in Our Digital Age”

Cindra Kamphoff: “How to Think Like the World’s Best”

Jonathan Hicks: “Exploring Wildlife-Inspired Awe”

Poorna Malavath: “Girls Can Do Anything”

Brian Frink: “Taking Risks in Art and Life”

Abigayle Oxborough: “Empowering Young Adults to Become Better Leaders”

Erin Gonzalez: “Healing Your Relationship with Food”

Thad Shunkwiler: “Saving Lives by Building Resilience”

Kristen Cvancara: “Verbal Aggression in Relationships”

Jessica Davis: “Education & Empowering Students”

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